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Musicology is according to its broadest definition, the study of music and all things related to music, and so as such makes an ideal title for this section of the website.

Trance Artists Music History
Chronological listing of trance artists listed in order of when their first major tunes were released.

Radio Stations
If you are looking for information on radio stations to listen to your favourite music genres either on air or online here you will find some assitance...
Country Radio StationsRock Radio Stations UK

Steve Jobs 'Connecting The Dots'
They are all connected now Steve and are a truly wonderful thing to behold... peace.

Disney Filming John Carter Of Mars
This is a little peek at a Dorset location of the film of an upcoming movie John Carter of Mars by Disney for film fans. In one of the trailers you will see the rugged coastline and grey February clouds looking out to sea at the time I was taking photos of the crew encampment. The shots were taken at Winspit Quarry, near Worth matravers, Dorset, UK. I couldn't take any shots of the filming in the quarry though as I was alone and surrounded by security by the time I got down to where I could watch the fliming LOL! Lots of CGI so I will be interested to see if any of the quarry shots are recognisable.

Dude Reviews

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Special information on UVI Workstation Creator Univers Sons: UVI Workstation 2 Creator Univers Sons Illegal Copyright Infringement

Off Topic Protest...
In the UK there are now many companies taking on Jobseekers without paying minimum wage... these jobseekers being threatened with losing their government benefits if they do not comply. I am personally boycotting any company that I learn is not paying minimum wage properly... more information and links:

Boycott Workfare Unpaid Jobs UK

Homebase Jobs UK

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