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Trance Artists Music History - chronological listing of trance artists listed in order of when their first major tunes were released.

Country Radio Stations - listings of country music radio stations around the English speaking world.

Disney Filming John Carter Of Mars - a little peek of events surroundign filming of movie in Dorset, England for film fans. 


DC Developments - one of the best boutique amp makers in the world, Dennis Cornell has worked as a designer for Dallas Arbiter in the 'good old days', and more recently has been a consultant to Fender Musical Instruments.
He's made custom amps for Hank Marvin, Eric Clapton, Andy Fairweather-Lowe, and Robin Trower and others including myself. He provided me with a cracking Vox AC30 clone based on original schematic specifications.
For my studio I required a head and cab with the cab designed with chassis shelf to give a combo acoustic, and the head with the original channel carried on from the AC15 and the later AC30 TB normal and Top Boosts channels, but no tremolo circuit.
I explained to Dennis that I had discovered that carbon composition resistors when pushed produced a more euphonic type of distortion than that of metal film and that it wasn't just some kind of voodoo amp myth.
So he made exactly what I asked for and helped me every step of the way with the practical input needed in my design consultations with him to make a really smooth sounding amp which I miked with a Shure SM57 microphone through a Vintech Neve 1073 clone microphone pre-amp...

'This was very cool! I love guitar music and this was 'full', not a whining guitar sound. It is really good!'
Bonnie Miller, LA's Hot Country

DMG Audio (Best Plugin EQ Equilibrium) - Dave Gamble and partner Krzysztof Oktalski coding euphonically Godlike frequency shifters and other audio manipulation software devices.

Gateway Mastering Studios - the finest mastering studios in the world where owner and multiple Grammy winner Bob Ludwig kindly took time away from his busy major label work and mastered my debut release 'American Highway' which was a real honor.

GPM Computer Services • Apple Mac •Dorset - Apple Macintosh support and publishing in Dorset.

Guitar Mania - fantastic little guitar shop in Poole that fixed some problems with my guitar and did a bang on job quickly at a reasonable price.

Two Notes Audio Engineering - valve amplifiers are wonderful things unless you have to carry them anywhere or record them in anything but a very well soundporoofed room.
Over the years many companies have tried many things to put 'that' sound into a box with varying success. The best way however is to have a real amp and reduce it's volume without changing the tone with an attenuator, and perhaps also replace the speaker with a cabinet simulation.
Two Notes of France have succeeded admirably with both aspects of this with their VB101 Torpedo and related products and have been a great company to be a customer of... I cannot recommend their products highly enough.

Audio Impressions - one of the best orchestral sample libraries currently on the market with true divisi note splitting for realism... and by far the easiest to use ready to go system most similar to having a real orchestra to conduct in your workstation.

Nerve Drum Machine Pattern Sequencer VST AU Plugin - a very groovy pattern sequencer plugin for your DAW brought to you by Xfer Records owner and producer Steve Duda. Lots of fun to work with and Duda is one clever developer.


Diverse Abilities Plus - charity that supports children and adults with physical disabilities and/or learning difficulties in Dorset.

Do No Harm - the effort of a circle of friends to make the world a kinder and gentler place.

Equestrian and Horse - highly informative website for the amateur and professional equestrian and horse riding enthusiast.

My Son's Not Rainman Comedy Shows 2013 - real life comedy shows for 2013 about 'The Boy' with autism and cerebral palsy with his father John Williams.

Nuevo Dance School California - I happened across this contemporary dance academy on YouTube, and was impressed by its approach to teaching this wonderful art... if you are looking for a dance school in the USA tailored to artistic development, sound technique and industry skills definitely check this site out... Nuevo Dance School on Youtube

Spectacular Earth - up and coming World travel guide.

Steve's Cooking - great Youtube cooking and recipes channel I found by a fellow Brit (now expat) who seems to produce pretty much everything himself... good luck with your channel Steve!

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