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UNPAID JOBS UK - Boycott Workfare

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There is a terribly worrying government benefits scandal currently unravelling in the UK whereby the poorest of society without jobs are being forced into unpaid 'work experience' positions for private and public companies and charities.

I am ceasing to shop at any store which supports this and does not pay staff the UK National Minimum Wage!!! There is a link to the list below...

The government has now also lost my support at the next election. You can find more information on this modern day version of a Victorian workhouse below.


Boycott Workfare Org - about Unpaid Workfare Jobs UK

Boycott Workfare Org - list of companies not paying for staff!

Boycott Workfare Org - the truth about UK Workfare

Scriptonite - more UK Workfare truths

Some music for you to get back on topic...

L7 'Shitlist' on Youtube!

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