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WARNING! This retailer's current standing with Dude is ABSOLUTELY NOT a Recommended Supplier 0/5 Big Fat Donut FAIL!

I highly recommend Vape Escape instead who are brilliant! Get your vapes with them! I have no affiliation with them whatsoever by the way... http://www.vapeescape.co.uk

This review is for UK Electronic Cigarrete Limited

I recently ordered on a Monday morning (23rd September) an eGo Twist 1000mah battery and charger from UK eCig Store, Wembley, London. I also ordered a Mini Vivi Nova cartomiser from Vape Escape and some VG Menthol and Vanilla eLiquids from NuCig at the same time.

The latter two suppliers despatched same day and I had the products on the Tuesday next day, but no battery and charger from UK eCig Store.

In fact UK ECIG Store didn't even despatch the items (apparently) until Wednesday according to the 'despatched' email they sent me, even though their site showed it as being in stock, but as of writing this Friday still no eGo Twist and charger from UK eCig.

I cancelled my order on Friday, expecting a full refund including postage, and ordered same from Vape Escape who now have the battery via a Saturday delivery (thank you Vape Escape!)

It's immediately obvious to me that Vape Escape and Nu Cig are on top of their game, unfortunately I can't say the same currently for UK eCig Store.

Ordering something from UK eCig Store London has proved costly and frusatrating for me (£40.00 in garage carts) and I certainly shan't use them again.

I will update this page as to if they provide collection of the items if they do arrive and full refund as per Distance Selling Regulations.

The item was apparently sent Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For, however I have not received it.

Update Monday 30th September: UK ECIG Store HAVE NOT COMMUNICATED WITH ME AT ALL during the whole massive FAIL situation despite several emails to them and it is now eight days since the order went in. I have now had to threaten them with Trading Standards and card issuer chargeback, and still no reply with four emails in total ignored!

Update Tuesday 1st October: Further to a complaint to a Paypal agent on Monday evening who told me if they were ignored by UK ECIG they would refund immediately unless a proof of postage was provided, ECIG have apologised by email (first I have heard from them in nine days regarding replies to my emails, they have only contacted me due to Paypal's intervention clearly, but unbelievably refuse to refund until after fifteen days due to their claim with Royal Mail not being eligible until then, which is total crap, as the Distance Selling Regulations allow for cancellation of an order within seven days by the consumer for any reason, and refund should be as soon as possible as is the law.

Update Tuesday 1st October: Further to my reply to the one email I received, UK ECIG Store following threats to report them to Trading Standards have finally said they will refund my card.

Coming soon, reviews on UK vaping suppliers VapeEscape and NuCig both of which are excellent thus far (three VapeEscape orders and one NuCig)

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