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This retailer's current standing with me is that I do not trust GuitarGuitar for online sales... only a 2/5

I recently purchased a Pink Squier 3/4 size stratocaster electric guitar as a solstice present.

Delivery by GuitarGuitar was prompt however I had a concern as soon as I looked at the box it arrived in. The box was for a black version of the guitar though I was relieved to see a pink guitar as I opened the box.

Upon further inspection the guitar:

a) had a dent and a mark on the back

b) rust on the pickups

c) a dirty marked pickguard

It turns out the reason it was in a box for a black guitar is that it had been out on display in a shop and was ex-demo! Guitar Guitar have retail outlets in Epsom, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle as well as online sales.

The GuitarGuitar website however unlike say Andertons (who also have high street presence) website, does not differentiate between ex-demo/ex-display items and otherwise.

This is a real problem for an online ordering system. Products ordered online need to be properly new, otherwise there needs to be an explanation that something maybe ex-display.

Guitar Guitar did have the item picked up for return at their cost as they are required to do by law under the Distance Selling Regulations and refunded the debit card although the refund was not promptly carried out considering the poor state of the guitar they sent me.

Therefore I cannot recommend Guitar Guitar.

They receive one out of five for prompt delivery and another for prompt pick up... otherwise I shall not use this company again for puchases unless absolutely necessary as I do not trust their website, and their refund proceedure is slow.

I recommend instead Andertons in the UK and Thomann or Rock DE of Germany where you want to be sure of getting 'brand new' which is essential with mail order.

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