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The following is my review of the service I received from Amazon MP3 selling my tunes with them.

This service provider's standing with Dude is FAIL... apparently Amazon's sales system is fatally flawed when it comes to being able to accurately portray an artist name... the word 'the' apparently has it stumped, either that is the case or Amazon are liars and couldn't be bothered to make some elementary changes to represent my music properly.

I have had my tunes distributed by CD Baby ever since my first release in 2005 with American Highway and way back then it was cool to be able to get tracks on iTunes. Since then many competing services have sprung up but I still reckon CD Baby to be the best if you are not sure of what your sales will be.

Now I began by releasing my tracks to pretty much everything that paid! However when I looked at how things were working out iTunes dominated sales and represented the best buying experience plus represented me properly.

In 2005 there were no other 'Dudes' in the music scene with the name just 'Dude' so I was good to go with that stage name. Since then however several have popped up, which is naughty of them as a simple search on the web would have meant they would discover my site from 'dude music' and realised I had an international presence including international radio play.

These new 'Dudes' started popping up on iTunes, and my tracks would be mixed up with them. Now then I am quite in my legal rights to take any of these later imposter 'Dudes' to court over something called 'trading off', however they are all overseas, and that is something that is not under consideration just at this time... even though one group was a Japanese girl band and Sony Music should have known better! Doh!

Thing is that iTunes can seperate artists even with the same name... cool! No mis-representation! Well done Apple! However that wasn't the case will most other sellers so at one point I had CD Baby remove all my tracks for all other services other than iTunes and CD Baby themselves.

Well upon setting up sales for Ninja Girl and Quantum Bass I had forgotten what a crap shoot the other sellers were and I added Amazon MP3 and Google Play (as the latter was totally new to give it a chance).

So up went the tunes on Amazon MP3 and yes they were mixed up with lots of other 'Dudes' but I thought well I knew this would happen, but let's try and get it seperated. In addition Amazon MP3 completely screwed up and put the artist name as 'The Dude' instead of 'Dude'.

So I complained to CD Baby, who tried for me, but Amazon Mp3 were usless, so I tried myselef with them, and was just told that there were technical problems, and my tracks as 'The Dude' could not even become 'Dude'... then I couldn't even get them to stop selling my stuff directly vai telling them to via my label's Amazon account, and had to go through CD Baby.

In short, I think Amazon MP3 sucks as it mixes artists up, can't even represent my music properly, and they were hopeless to deal with directly... a huge disappointment... very sucky.

My advice as an artist, forget Amazon MP3 and do yourself a favour by buying music downloads from the first and still the best digital music seller Apple iTunes... and as regards selling... just use iTunes and any other place that can represent you properly andbasically gives a shit!

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