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Dude Music (Select Slightly Nonsensical Autobiography)

Shall I begin somewhat like David Copperfield by saying that I was born and then some years later whilst watching Brad Pitt's opening narrative monologue for Interview With A Vampire received what became a memory enabling me to begin an auto biographical ramble in such a way as this?

Or perhaps I should begin more along the lines of...

This is about Dude and his music, a short auto-biography now being written in the third person and to include such essential anecdotes and occasional quips so as to stave off the boredom of talking about oneself, including the odd comma for good measure and naturally excluding any indication of a reasoning towards rhyme though hopefully not reason?

Excellent! I thought as much!

I was born in Camden in London sometime as I am unable to determine exactly due to me being apparently quite small, but if pushed to recall I'd say that it was approximately during the latter half of the twentieth century, though as I say I don't know precisely when it happened and I am still obviouslyin the process of discovering why.

My parents did not call me Dude at the time, however I don't understand this error, as I was clearly a little dude in development, and this should have been obvious to them, so this was my start in life.

I grew quite a lot and tried to learn as much as possible along the way though this wasn't always easy as everyone else seemed pretty confused about almost everything, and I am now often having to let everyone else know about almost everything that they still seem to be pretty confused about, so you could say that I have become at least more responsible, if not remarkably more wise and occasionally quite helpful.

Something quite amazing happened to me when I was around sixteen which I like to think of as my 'awakening', as I became a 'real man' by starting to learn to play the guitar. I know this was when I became a real man as it was almost exactly the same time as when 'woman' kind started to take a much greater interest in me, all the more remarkable when you think that I wasn't even called Dude at the time due to my parents earlier oversight!

I'd like to say actually just how grateful I am for all pre-dude acceptance in the World prior to the name correction!

I played the guitar a lot and the more I did so the more I realised how confused people seemed to be about things in general, but that it was okay as I just carried on playing and everything began to make much more sense to me the more I played it.

I also discovered that there were lots of other people who understood this, and that they seemed to be really quite cool on the most part.

One small problem occurred however when I was at music college... which had really started whilst still at school when I developed writer's cramp (a form of focal dystonia in medical terms) in my attempts to write really quickly to let others know about some of the things that they seemed pretty confused about (they must have been confused as they kept on having to ask me again and again because these 'examinations' were so important to them and were apparently supposed to be important to me also).

This dystonia issue caused my left hand fingers to cramp, completely screwed up my fretting and in the process caused me to fret considerably... especially when a specialist in screwed up fretting hands and such like explained that he couldn't help me, and that I must literally just stop fretting!

Dismayed at how confused even medical specialists still seemed to be about things, I just thought 'xxxxxcks to that' did a Jimi (Hendrix) and turned my guitar upside down and around so I could play left handed. Boy am I grateful we have two sides to our brains, it's really awesome, and I suggest you think about it sometime, with either side if you can, as each side will have a different opinion, and it will help you to be ambidextrous like me.

On the 4th July (USA Independence Day) 2005, which is ages ago now as I write this in Twenty Ten (a year clearly meant to sound like a new decade), I released my first track 'American Highway' and some wonderful program directors and dj people in about twenty countries played it to lots of other people on the radio!

The rest as they say, is about five years, and now I'm recording more music.

Hi I'm Dude, thank you for listening!

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